Latvia – Future Prospects

///Latvia – Future Prospects

Latvia – Future Prospects

Project „Sharing the world: disabilities and displacement” Future Prospects

We have established close contacts between our school and the orphanage house ‘Nayene’. We will continue voluntary work visiting the orphanage children and sharing with them our experience and teaching doing different handicrafts and developing home economics skills. We will continue creating our recipe book.

In the project frame we have prepared materials about children’s rights. These materials will be used during the Social studies lessons. Some good presentations and videos will be available for the teachers as teaching material.

We got good experience working on the start up ‘Candyland’ and this project activity has motivated us to start a new Erasmus+ project connected with creating small business company. All profits from the product sale will be donated to the orphanage house ‘Nayene’.

We will continue to organise charity actions and support the disabled people.

We will motivate our lyceum teachers to improve their English skills and participate in Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects.

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