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A. T. Laurian – High School in Romania

romanian school erasmus partnerWith a vast history which dates back to 1859,” A.T. Laurian’”National College is a prestigious Romanian school. Being one of the oldest institutions,it is currently considered to be an icon of Botosani.Nowadays,Laurian offers a wide tradition which embraces over 15000 graduates. The College offers classes for gymnasium and high school for approximately 1200 students. The latter is structured in science and humanities,with the following majors: mathematics-computer science, mathematics-computer science English intensive, science,philology, bilingual English, bilingual French. 5 pHd teachers and other 50 first-grade teachers are the warranty for a high level education.

In addition, the Olympic students and their results are proof for their outstanding teacher-student cooperation.It’s a reality though,that the institution is under the necessity of adapting to the changing demands of the free market and the criteria which will dominate the superior level of qualification. This is the reason why the teachers are concerned about strengthening and improving the vocational training standards, the durability of the education act and the possibility to identify stability on the free market to their pupils.

Furthermore, the institution is inclined towards ICT development and linguistic abilities to harmonize their future career without neglecting their specific professional skills. All the above happen in an unfavorable social region in which the percentage of the people who work in industry and services is 15,1%, which is less than the country average (23,5%). The county is facing an obvious falling behind on the industrial and agrarian technology degree, as well as a low level of qualification of the locals, which gives our students an unsuited reality to their aspirations: the number of parents leaving them to work abroad, families with reduced financial resources, pupils who receive social scholarships to enable them to continue their studies, loss of confidence, social in-adaptability. According to the information provided by A. J.O.F.M. Botosani, the unemployment rate is of 5,1%, one of the highest in the country. Regardless of the unfavorable social-community region for professional development,’A.T.Laurian’ National College looks for solutions against social exclusion by identifying all the partnerships, methods and examples of good practical exercises which are meant to increase the educational standard in conformity with European standards.

This project is helping our students get involved in the society and in the community and become aware of various disabilities as well as various issues that refugees and displaced people can face. Furthermore, this project helps us identify students with mild disabilities in our school and come to their help by making adjustments in the way we teach.