March 2019 – Mobility in Slovenia

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March 2019 – Mobility in Slovenia

From Monday 11th to Friday 15th March 2019

3 teachers from the Lycée des Métiers St. Croix Saint Euverte participated in an Erasmus + mobility in Slovenia, in an establishment in the city of Litija. This mobility was organized as part of the Erasmus + project “Sharing the world”.

Monday, March 11
The first day is devoted to the discovery of the host institution, combining two structures in collaboration: a school for students aged 6 to 15, and a school for students with special educational needs.
A reception is made by the assistant of the mayor of Litija, who explained the involvement of the Slovenian state in education. Then the school principal introduced us to the operation of the school. We visited the different school spaces, especially the spaces dedicated to students with disabilities.
The morning ended with a show to which the parents were invited. The themes were Mother’s Day (March 25 in Slovenia), happiness, spring, and work. Children of all ages with their teachers expressed in multiple artistic forms (singing, dancing, poetry, mime), their visions of these subjects.
In the afternoon we discovered different projects carried out by the school. We also participated in exchange and practice analysis workshops, as well as the Brain Gym. One project caught our attention: self-help. These are monthly meetings between teachers to try to solve pedagogical obstacles. Other meetings take place between parents as well.

Tuesday 12 March
In the morning was presented the project Start up of the Slovenian school “Hand Car Wash”. It allows students with special educational needs to develop professional skills. Then there was an “open door” time, during which we attended different courses and activities of students with disabilities: individual accompaniment, classes where students are grouped by age and type of needs. We noticed that from a very early age, the capacities related to autonomy were worked (via the educational apartment for example). The students also do a lot of manual and artistic work.
In the afternoon, we visited the historic center of the capital, Ljubljana. Then we went to the Restaurant “Second Violin”, where adults with disabilities work (cooking, service ….). The name of the restaurant “Second Violin” is a metaphor for people who are not necessarily the “first” in society, as long as they are indispensable. In the evening, we had dinner in this same restaurant.

Wednesday, March 13
In the morning we visited four structures.
First of all, we went to a kindergarten (= nursery school). Students with special needs are either included in regular classes or in a specialized class depending on the severity of their problems (PPCD: preschool program for children with disabilities). A speech therapist intervenes in the facility for classroom sessions to work on language development and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We attended a small session, then we went to the specialized class. A teacher and an assistant work there. The activities are individualized. Thus, one child was working on a sensoriality workshop, two others were doing a drawing and cutting, while a fourth was in a motor rehabilitation session.
Then we went to a general high school. We were introduced to the education system in high school (diploma, university preparation), as well as facilities for students with motor function disorders and learning disabilities.

Thursday, March 14
In the morning, we visited the adapted company ZELVA (the turtle). It is a company that employs 50% of people with disabilities in various fields: maintenance of premises and green spaces, carpentry, simple handling work (folding mail, assembly and packaging of clothes pegs … ). This company is also a partner of schools to support between 6 and 18 months students in difficulty (disability, stall …) to employment.
Then we visited the city of Bled, famous for its lake in the middle of the mountains.
Finally, in the shopping center of Ljubljana, our mission was to identify accommodation accessibility for people with disabilities: elevator, wheelchair access ramp …).

Friday March 15th
In the morning we went to the mountains to visit the Polsnik school. It is a school for schooling children living in surrounding villages. We found that all the people work together and come together in many associations. Intergenerational links are also very present.
Then at the school took place the certificate ceremony.


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