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Presentation of the French Vocational High School – Saint Croix Saint Euverte

partner french school SCSESainte Croix Saint Euverte group comprises two primary schools, a secondary school, a general highschool and a vocational one. Apart from this, we also offer the possibility of different post-baccalaureate studies that last either 2 years (BTS) or 3 years (bachelor). Our educational goal goes beyond that of teaching various subjects, we try to help our pupils become valuable members of the society. The values that we try to teach are: honesty, equality, freedom of speech and thought, acceptance of other and respect of the law.

Our group of schools is registered with the PIC code that you can find above. However, for this particular project, it is the vocational highschool that is applying, which is part of this large entity that comprises the various schools named above. After discussing with the National Agency in Bordeaux, we were told we can apply using this PIC code, but that we should mention that we apply as the vocational highschool. We have not taken part in any Erasmus+ school partnership so far, but our superior education pole offers our students to possibility to do Erasmus mobilities and internships in other countries. This is why our PIC code has been used for the superior education pole so far (Pole Superior – BTS et Bachelor).

Sainte Croix Saint Euverte vocational high school is a school which accepts pupils interested in the following fields: sales, social studies, industry. It comprises around 500 pupils. In our high school there are many students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, but also pupils that have more serious disabilities (who are part of Ulis Pro system – which provides them extra-help to avoid early school leaving and prevent failure).

french school erasmus SCSEHowever, we feel that many of our students aren’t able to overpass even the minor disabilities in the framework of the education that is offered to them by the current educational system. We therefore try to personalize our teaching as much as possible and involve the pupils in extra-curricular activities. This project allows us to expand our target audience and to collaborate with European partners to improve our methods and the activities we provide to our pupils. On the other hand, we have a small number of children who are displaced – cannot live with their families anymore (the refugees are one example). We believe that their needs are not always attended to, since there is no specific system created for them. With the help of this project, we would like to create specific and long team activities and materials that can be useful to displaced and disabled children (mild disabilities, but also more severe).

In our vocational high shcool (Lycee professionel Sainte Croix Sainte Euverte) we have around 500 pupils and around 65 teachers and 20 administrative staff.