TUESDAY, December 4th-So, delicious and amazing day

///TUESDAY, December 4th-So, delicious and amazing day

TUESDAY, December 4th-So, delicious and amazing day

It was the second day of the project in our school. We knew each other better, so the atmosphere was more relaxed. We started with working in different sections. The activities were related to departments at our school, as well as Christmas. Our foreign friends tried to cook traditional Slovak Christmas dishes, to serve them and decorate the table. And, of course, they were decorating honey-cakes and making waffers.  They were also preparing various kinds of coffees and mixed drinks with students from our school. Everything they prepared, could try.

So, delicious and amazing day

In the afternoon, we moved our bodies. We had a physical education lesson for light disabled pupils and made a poster with all students. Then we made a little party. The Pyjamas Party. Everyone had fun. We ended the day with a common dinner. We were convinced that we spent another nice day together and said goodbye. Just for a few hours.

Our creativity, sorry for colours.

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